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Victoria House
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Care Quality Commission
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Victoria House

Low Grange Crescent
Belle Isle, Leeds,
Yorkshire, LS10 3EB

T: 0113 270 8529
F: 0113 276 5090
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 Victoria House Care Home - Leeds, Yorkshire

Paying for Care

Victoria House Residential Home - Leeds, Yorkshire

At Victoria House Residential Home, which is privately owned, 80% of our clients are fully funded by the local authority.

Residential Care

The local authority will contribute to the cost of care if an individual's assets (savings, pensions and value of home) are less than £23,000. There is a sliding scale of local authority contribution below the upper limit of £23,000 to £14,000 at which point you would become fully funded.

Do I Qualify for Funding?

Victoria House Care Home - Leeds, Yorkshire - funding flow chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions that are not covered in the questions and answers below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: The residential care home that I am interested in costs £440 per week and my local authority has said it's too expensive, can I still move there?

A: Yes, but you may be required to pay a top-up. Some homes such as Victoria House Residential Home do not have top-ups.

Q: My savings are £28,000, which means I must pay for accommodation and care myself. What happens when my savings fall to the upper limit of £23,000?

A: When your savings fall to £23,000, you may qualify for help. Keep your local authority informed of your circumstances and they will arrange for a financial assessment once you reach the threshold.

Q: My savings are below the minimum threshold of £14,000, but I believe my house, which is privately owned, is worth £145,000. Will I have to sell my house before I go into care?

A: No, and you may qualify for the first few weeks free. The house will have to be sold and either the care home will agree to wait for the property to be sold, or the council will pay on your behalf as a deferral charge. The council will put a charge on the house so that the loan is repaid out of the sale proceeds.

Q: I have lived with my partner now for 35 years but can no longer care for them. How will the local authority work out if we qualify for financial help?

A: Under these circumstances the local authority will usually disregard the value of your home when carrying out the financial assessment. The financial assessment will be made on any remaining capital before they decide on your contribution. Individual cases may differ and therefore you should speak with your social worker regarding your personal situation.

Q: Where can I get further advice?

A: Paying for care can be complex and everyone's situation is different. We therefore advise that you seek specialist advice. Click here for a list of useful contacts.